• Shooting happened in the school
  • 2 victims in critical
  • 1 adult, 1 13 year old girl
  • There was some kind of intervention in the school, someone tackled or in some way stopped the shooter.
  • Shooter in custody


INDIANA (WISH) — Two people are in critical condition and a shooter is in custody after a shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana. 

News 8 has been told that the situation is contained. Police are on scene. The school is on lockdown. Officials are requesting more medical help on the scene.

One victim is a teenage girl. 

The son of a WISH-TV producer has said that a shooter is in custody. That student heard several shots fired but did not know if they were fired inside or outside of the building.

A teacher inside of the school said students are being moved to the high school.

The school sent a message to parents stating:

Shots have been reported at Noblesville West Middle School. Reports of one injury. Police are onsite and school is in lockdown. Standby for more info.