Small Yorkie almost swept away by large bird


The owner of a small Yorkie is warning others to watch the skies when they take their pets out to play.

That’s after her dog was almost grabbed by what looked like a hawk and it was all captured on surveillance cameras.

What started out as any typical Friday evening quickly escalated to something much more traumatic for Cecilia Celis and her puppy, “Lulu”.

With her family’s surveillance cameras rolling, Cecilia is seen rushing outside to find her two-pound Yorkie in the talons of a large bird possibly a hawk.

“We just hear them barking and crying. So we are like oh they’re just play fighting,” Cecilia says. “And a second later I just look outside. We see a huge bird like the wing like fly up. So I run up and I yell at the bird, I’m like, get off my dog! Get off!”

She says Lulu is going to be okay. The bird punctured the dog’s neck.



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