Son describes father dying in his arms during Dayton shooting


DAYTON, Ohio (CNN) – Dion Green had been working hard and was looking to have some fun with his dad.

So he invited him out for a night on the town in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio.

His father, Derrick Fudge, jumped at the chance.

“All we do was fish, play cards and love animals. That’s what we do. He got a dog named Lucy Lu. If he didn’t have me he would’ve loved that dog more than anything in the world. I’m his only child,” said Dion.

Dion, his fiance and his dad were hanging out on the street when Dion says he noticed a man wearing a mask walking nearby.

“He came around the corner, I heard two shots, pop pop, walked by me, I’m still thinking this is not real,” he said.

 “Probably about 6 feet. Again, he walked toward me to cross the street then that’s when you start hearing the barrage of just d-d-d-d-d. When he crossed the street, that’s when people really started to panic. You heard the real, lot of gunshots, people start panicking, running and falling so I finally get down to the ground, we all got down and hear no more gunshots so I’m saying ‘get up, we’re about to leave so I’m holding my dad, talking to him, I’m like “come on let’s go,” he’s not moving, he took a gasp for air,” Dion added.

By now, Dion realized this was a real shooting, so he bent down to check his father for gunshots.

“I didn’t see no blood on the body area. As soon as get closer on to him I grab him behind his head I see the blood just coming from both sides of his head, and I just lost it and I just grabbed onto my dad till somebody can pull me off but it was like, I didn’t want to be touched by nobody,” Dion said.

“Yeah, I mean that was my last chance to really speak to him, he looked at me, he was was breathing, and lied there with his eyes open in my arms,” he added.

“I just kept saying I love you, get up, get up, just get up. I mean, I don’t know what else to keep saying. Get up. Just taking little gasps of air and then he didn’t move anymore. And I just laid across his body and just laid on him,” Dion recalled.

Just feet away, Dion says was another woman, who he’s since come to believe is the shooter’s sister, after police questioned him about her and he saw her picture on the news.

She’d also been shot.

“No she was still breathing a little bit, which I thought it was a guy, she was like can you call the police I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot,” He said.

Dion says he now feels terrible guilt for inviting his father along that night, knowing he’d be alive if he hadn’t.

“I think he protected me. I think he protected me, because there’s no way, this is how close we were to each other,” he said.

Loving, caring, and loyal to the end.

Derrick Fudge was just 57.

Nearby officers killed the shooter, 24-year-old Connor Betts, 30 seconds after he opened fire.

They’re still not sure what his motive was.

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