What better way to kick off the day than with a good sale?! 

And did we mention it’s a FARE SALE? 

Southwest on Tuesday kicked off its 72-hour airfare sale, offering discounts on travel to more than 40 destinations. 

Whether you’re flying out of San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose, there are plenty of deals to go around! 

You must book your tickets by Thursday, Oct. 4 to take advantage of the discounted airfares.

Here are some examples of one-way fares: 

From SFO: 

To Burbank: $49

To Los Angeles: $49

To San Diego: $49 

To Phoenix: $79

To Denver: $79

To Austin: $99

To Chicago: $129

From OAK: 

To Long Beach: $49

To Reno/Tahoe: $49

To Portland: $49

To Denver: $79

To Salt Lake City: $79

To San Antonio: $99

To Albuquerque: $99

To Austin: $129

To Minneapolis: $129

From SJC:

To Burbank: $49

To Tucson: $79

To Denver: $79

To Chicago: $129

To Orlando: $129

To St. Louis: $129

For more information, visit Southwest.com.