Spa's vampire facial may have exposed clients to HIV

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRON) - Health officials say clients at an Albuquerque spa who have recently received a "vampire facial" are recommended to get tested for HIV and other blood-borne infections after "unsafe practices" were identified at that spa.

According to the New Mexico Department of Health, a client of VIP Spa located on Tijeras Avenue developed an infection that may have resulted from a spa procedure. 

“It is very important that anyone who received a vampire facial or other injection-related service at the VIP Spa in May or June of 2018 come to the Midtown Public Health Office for free and confidential lab testing and counseling,” Lynn Gallagher, Cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Department of Health, said in the statement.

A vampire facial involves drawing a person's blood, hence its name. Then plasma is extracted and layered on top of the face, where it is then re-injected into the skin via a micro-needling pen. 

The facial is supposed to stimulate one's skin, prompting the growth of protein that helps create new collagen. 

The spa has been issued a cease and desist letter and has since been closed. 



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