SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Starbucks is facing backlash after banning employees from wearing anything that supports Black Lives Matter.

The coffee retail giant sent out a weekly update to its employees with a clear message about the dress code policy.

The company said the response came after employees asked if they could wear pints or t-shirts supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“In response to the question, our vp of Inclusion and Diversity, Zing Shaw, shared additional context on why clothing and accessories highlighting Black Lives Matter do not currently adhere to policy,” the statement read, in part. “She explains there are agitators who misconstrue the fundamental principles of the Black Lives Matter movement – and in certain circumstances, intentionally re-purpose them to amplify divisiveness.”

“…Our leaders are discussing how we can show up and stand united with our black partners, customers and community members while proudly wearing the green apron in our stores.”

Social media didn’t take the dress code policy lightly.

“I don’t care how much LGBTQ stuff you permit staff to wear if you can’t affirm Black Lives Matter. I’m not giving you a cent until this is changed,” one user wrote.

“BLACKOUT starbucks for LIFE!” another user tweeted.

This also caught many by surprise the coffee company appeared to show its support for the movement in a tweet posted on June 4.

“Black lives matter. We are committed to being a part of change,” it wrote.

The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining more attention after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death sparked a global outrage as people took to the streets to protest police brutality and social injustice.

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