Superhero welcomes home boy lost in the woods


Superheroes are known to wear capes and masks but sometimes that’s not the case.

Just 22 months old, Kenneth Howard may not look like a superhero but he definitely has a superpower.

“Kenneth teaches us no matter what goes on in our lives, no matter how tough things are, we never quit fighting,” John Buckland said.

Kenneth is now a source of inspiration after spending days lost in the woods.

His mother, Samantha Moore, says Kenneth was outside with his father when he wandered off.

“I went and called his dad and said ‘where are you at? Where’s the baby?’ He said, ‘I can’t find the baby.’ And I said, ‘You’re joking.’ I didn’t believe him,” Moore said.

But sure enough little Kenneth was gone, sending his parents into a panic.

As dozens of volunteers combed through the dense terrain, Kenneth’s 5-year-old brother, Tristan, kept hope alive.

“He said God is watching over my baby brother, He’ll protect him… and He did. When they found him the scratch on his head is in the shape of a cross,” Moore said.

Kenneth’s story touched John Buckland, who says he’s been lost in the wilderness too.

“I went through really bad child abuse, drug addiction because of all that pain that I didn’t get help for, two suicide attempts, just a train wreck of a life,” Buckland said.

He started the H4H Foundation and dresses up as Batman to encourage children. He met Kenneth in Prestonsburg and took him for a ride in the Batmobile.

“He was fine when I got in there with him because he’s having some attachment issues,” Moore said.

Samantha is thanking all the volunteers for bringing her little boy home.

“Miracles do happen. My baby is a miracle. He’s my little Grizzly Adams,” Moore said.

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