Newly-released surveillance video shows what transpired during a gunman’s rampage at a Trump National hotel in South Florida.

It happened back in May and police say the suspected gunman shouted anti-Trump rhetoric before shooting at police.

What was a quiet night at Trump National Doral back in May broke into pandemonium when a former porn actor rushed the lobby, gun in hand.

The video from surveillance cameras inside the resort shows 42-year-old Jonathan Oddi draping a massive American flag over the desk that he stole from somewhere else on the property.

Then, he grabs a metal object and slams it into computer monitors where guests check in.

Shortly after, Miami-Dade police arrive. Their lights are seen flashing through the window.

That’s when gunfire breaks out between police and the 42-year-old–both shooting at each other.

Oddi appears to put his hands up at one point but then he grabs the gun and opens fire.

The body cam footage officers were wearing at the time shows their quick response. Once they run in, they’re met with debris on the floor from the items Oddi either threw to the ground or shot at.

And that’s when Oddi runs for it. He turns the corner, continues to shoot, slips and falls, gets back up, and keeps running.

He then heads up the stairs and runs out of view.

At this point, there’s an officer directly behind him.

After throwing some furniture around on the second floor, Oddi lays on the ground, hands behind his back, and he’s placed in cuffs.

Shortly after, officers swarm the resort, running up the stairs, guns drawn, and going after the man who caused midnight chaos at the president’s South Florida resort.

Prosecutors released the video ahead of the trial of Oddi, the suspected gunman.

Detectives are still trying to figure out what drove him to attack the Doral hotel.