Teen says vaping almost killed her


LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS (CNN) — A Kansas teen is warning people her age about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes.

She thinks vaping helped land her in the hospital.

The teen turned to e-cigarettes to help her stop smoking and she says things went downhill.

A KKathryn Deloia/Teen Vaper:

“It’s one of the scariest feelings. I felt like I was dying, I really did,” said teen vaper Kathryn Deloia.

Deloia never though she’d be here, laying in a hospital bed at 17.

“I’ve got chronic lung disease, plus the asthma,” she said.

At 15, she started smoking.

Trying to quit, Deloia switched to vaping.

“I noticed that my asthma was getting a little worse after I switched to the vape, and vaping more often,” she said. “I was vaping more often than I was smoking cigarettes.”

Deloia says she was vaping one pod every two to three weeks, then she’d have someone of age get her a new one.

“A whole pod would probably be comparison to maybe 4 packs of cigarettes,” she said.

In the hospital, she had several tests done.

Doctors said Deloia’s lungs looked nothing like a healthy 17-year-old’s should.

“They said that my lungs looked decades older than they should of been, compared to like you know a woman in her probably 40s with COPD,” Deloia said. “That’s what they pretty much told me.”

When she got home from the hospital on Sunday, Deloia threw away her e-cigarettes and shared her story on social media, hoping others would do the same.

“I’ve already got a few people to stop smoking their Juuls and stuff like that and you know, I’m glad I’m making a difference in some people,” the teen said.

Deloia says she is all for the possible ban on flavored vaping products the Trump Administration is proposing.

She believes it could help some teens.

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