Tesla: 200,000 orders for Cybertruck after reveal


(CNN) – Don’t expect to see Tesla’s Cybertruck on the roads for at least another year – but the electric car maker is already racking up the pre-orders.

As of Sunday, the all-electric version of a pickup truck had 200,000 orders.

Elon Musk announced the numbers on Twitter just three days after the vehicle was first unveiled.

The cybertruck starts at just under $40,000, but Musk says most pre-orders are for the more expensive, triple-motor version at about $70,000.

Compared to the cost of the truck, pre-orders are cheap – just $100, which might be why some early adopters are eager to sign up to be among the first to drive home the futuristic truck.

Production on the cybertruck doesn’t start until 2021.

Tesla will have to work out some kinks before then.

Durings its unveiling, Musk attempted to demonstrate the truck’s durability, but its supposedly unbreakable windshield shattered when struck by a metal ball.

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