(KRON) — Engineering, nursing and computer science are among the five most “regret-free” majors, according to a study released by ZipRecruiter this month. This might not be a huge surprise as these majors are viewed as higher-paying fields, leading to graduates being satisfied with their chosen major.

However, what about the other end of the spectrum?

The most-regretted college major is journalism, according to the study. Eighty-seven percent of those graduates sampled said they would choose a different major if they could. Below is the list of the top 10 most-regretted majors based on the 1,500 job seekers ZipRecruiter surveyed.

ZipRecruiter: Top 10 Most-Regretted College Majors

  1. Journalism (87%)
  2. Sociology (72%)
  3. Liberal Arts & General Studies (72%)
  4. Communications (64%)
  5. Education (61%)
  6. Marketing Management & Research (60%)
  7. Medical/Clinical Assisting (58%)
  8. Political Science & Government (56%)
  9. Biology (52%)
  10. English Language & Literature (52%)

The study says those who received higher pay in their respective fields are more likely to be happy with their choice of major. For communication majors, graduates who are happy choosing their major make “1.6 times more than those who would choose a different major.”

Top 10 Most Regret-Free College Majors

The percentage shows the share of graduates who would choose the same major.

  • Computer & Information Sciences (72%)
  • Criminology (72%)
  • Engineering (71%)
  • Nursing (69%)
  • Health (67%)
  • Business Administration & Management (66%)
  • Finance (66%)
  • Psychology (65%)
  • Construction Trades (65%)
  • Human Resources Management (58%)

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Other notable findings in the study

  • “Other majors that graduates are less likely to regret include quantitative fields, such as engineering, health care, business, and finance.”
  • “Computer science graduates are in high demand across a wide range of industries, from science to tech to consulting and management. They are securing highly paid jobs, with an average annual salary of almost $100K.”


ZipRecruiter surveyed a total of 1,500 job seekers between the 10th and 16th of each month of 2022. The study was released in November. It did not say what was the latest month included in the sample.

Among that sample, respondents were either employed, unemployed or not currently in the labor force. However, they must be United States residents and “have indicated a desire” to find a new job in the next six months.

The full study can be viewed HERE.