SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A Caribbean vacation destination in Mexico is at “imminent risk” of lockdown, the governor said.

This could put a halt on any plans to visit Cancun and Tulum.

The governor of Quintana Roo, which is along the Mexico coast, said the state has seen increasing COVID-19 cases for five weeks now.

“We knew that there were large risks during Easter week, that there could be a greater number of infections. Unfortunately, that came to pass,” Joaquín said.

The Associated Press reported that the resort-filled state depends on tourism for 87% of its economic activity, and did not enact any travel bans or testing requirements.

The country of Mexico is under a ‘Do Not Travel’ advisory, issued by the U.S. Department of State due to COVID-19 as well as crime. In the state of Quintana Roo, however, the state department just says to “Exercise Increased Caution” due to high crime.

Mexico has its own ‘traffic light’ system, placing each state under a certain color and coinciding restrictions based on the COVID-19 risk. From worst to best, it goes: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green.

At this time, Quintana Roo is under the Orange stop light:

In addition to essential economic activities, companies of non-essential economic activities will be allowed to work with 30% of the personnel for their operation, always taking into account the maximum care measures for people with a greater risk of presenting a serious picture of COVID-19, open public spaces with a reduced capacity (number of people) will be opened.

Mexico COVID-19 stop light: What Orange allows

According to Mexico’s COVID-19 data, Quintana Roo has so far confirmed nearly 26,000 positive cases in total, out of the entire countries 2.5 million estimated cumulative positive cases.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.