Too much exercise could lead to bad eating decisions: study


(CNN) – They say you can never have too much of a good thing.

But in the case of exercise, that might not be true.

Yes – exercise!

It’s possible that too much of it might make you more likely to treat yourself.

A new study compared brain MRIs from athletes who trained normally to MRIs from athletes who overtrained.

The ones who overtrained showed more fatigue in the cognitive control part of the brain system – the part of your brain that helps delay self-gratification.

You know – the part of you that would usually say “no, you don’t need that fudge sundae.”

In the study, athletes were asked if they wanted $10 now or $50 in 6 months, and most of the ones who worked out too much said they’d rather have the $10 now.

Keep in mind the study was very small – there were only 37 participants, all of them male triathletes.

The research was published Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

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