U.S. officials clash with migrants trying to cross border


Hundreds of migrants tried to cross into the U.S. that led to the brief closure of a major port of entry in San Diego.

Witnesses say it was a chaotic scene where nearly 500 migrants rushed the border.

Border Patrol officials say they used tear gas to disperse would-be crossers in response to agents being hit with rocks.

No Border Patrol agents were injured in the chaos.

The rush of migrants led authorities to suspend all crossings between San Diego and Tijuana for a few hours.

Kathleen Edwards: “What I saw was the aftermath. I saw the helicopters. they were finishing with the tear gas.”

Reporter: “Was it scary?”

Kathleen Edwards: “Yes it was very scary. I mean I just you know, I cross often and this is the first time I’ve just been so afraid that I may just stay in America. No, but I mean it is what it is.”

More than three-dozen people were arrested at the border.

Mexican officials say the migrants who tried to enter the U.S. Sunday will be deported.

The mayor of Tijuana said he wouldn’t let the migrants’ actions damage the city’s relationship with the U.S.

He is calling for the Mexican government to help with the situation.

President Trump responding this morning to the incidents at the U.S. Mexico border saying in part:

“They are not coming into the USA. We will close the border permanently if need be. Congress fund the wall!”



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