A Kansas mailman recently made a shocking discovery while on the job: A massive boa constrictor wrapped around a mailbox.

Authorities don’t know when the red tail boa constrictor made its way onto the property. The United States Postal Service worker found it while delivering mail on Friday in Overland Park, according to KSHB.

One neighbor said it was the biggest snake she had ever seen.

“Looked like it had just had lunch,” Holly Gibson said.

An animal control officer responded to the scene, but needed backup due to the size of the snake.

“It was too big for her to get and put in a box by herself so called in her boss,” Gibson said. “The police came.”

Three officers were eventually able to remove the 20-pound boa constrictor. She’s now staying with Dr. Larry Holtfrerich, a chiropractor who is also a reptile breeder.

“They’re pretty solitary animals, they’ll migrate from one place to another a little bit otherwise they’ll pretty much stay in one spot once they find a spot,” Holtfrerich told KSHB. “They’re an easy snake and one of the most common in habitats.”

Holtfrerich said the snake is well-cared for and is most likely six or seven years old. Police are asking the owners to come forward.