VIDEO: Moose finds her way into residential neighborhood


Some residents in Colorado Springs got a close-up look at a unique visitor. 

A wild moose found her way into a neighborhood and quickly made herself at home. 

“A neighbor came over and said ‘there’s a moose walking down the road,’ and I’m like ‘what?!'” resident Tim Conners said. 

The female moose even made her way into a backyard and enjoyed a snack. 

Dozens came by, snapping photos of her. 

Neighbors say they see ots of wildlife, but a moose is a first. 

“I never expected this one, I will probably never expect another,” said resident Michelle Cerenzia. 

This moose is about 2-years-old. 

When she decided to go on the move again, Colorado Parks and Wildlife took action. 

“We wanted to be sure that, you know, the moose didn’t have a negative interaction with people, because if they get cornered, they can move pretty fast and they’re pretty dangerous,” said Aaron Berscheid with CPW. 

Shooting her with a tranquilizing dart not once but twice. 

See, this moose has already had to be relocated once before earlier this summer. 

The reversal drug could have played a roll in needing two darts. 

“It stays in the system a long time and if it has a reversal in the system sometimes the tranquilizer doesn’t take as good of effect as it normally does,” Berscheid said. 

CPW managers worked to hobble and load the 600 to 700-pound animal into the back of a trailer to get her back to a more appropriate habitat, leaving neighbors with a unique memory, and a moose to go be loose in a better environment. 


“Amazing experience.”

Wildlife officials say they’ll take the moose to another county in hopes she won’t find her way back into a residential area. 



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