WATCH: Chimp goes bananas when reunited with foster family


MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA/CNN) – A viral video from Miami is capturing the hearts of millions.

Limbani the chimpanzee got a surprise visit from the couple that helped raise him.

Limbani now lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in southwest Miami Dade.

“They give him so much love and attention. He’s like part of the family. He feels he’s part of the family,” said Mario Tabraue who is the president and director of ZWF Miami.

When he first arrived he was sick and needed around the clock care. That’s where Jorge and Tania Sanchez come in.

“While they were taking care of him, he had pneumonia. He had to go to doctors, he had to have his nebulizer two times a day and they did it all and he got very bonded with them,” said Tabraue.

And that bond is unbreakable. The 22-month-old chimp unable to contain his excitement every time he sees them.

“He wants hugs, he jumps on them. All their love that they have for him he shares back,” said Tabraue.
Now that the video has gone viral, the  hope is that the love Limbani shares with the Sanchezes will inspire others to love these animals just the same.

“People should understand that not only this species but all species that we have are going extinct in the wild, and some people don’t care. People think let them go extinct. We believe they shouldn’t go extinct. We believe we should give them more attention and more love,” said Tabraue.

The Sanchezes got to pick Limbani up for a sleepover on Tuesday night.



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