WATCH: Stolen car crashes into Louisiana garage on Thanksgiving


A family in Louisiana got quite the wakeup call on Thanksgiving when a stolen car crashed into and destroyed their carport.

It was just before 10 a.m. in Ascension Parish on Friday morning when this happened.

A 2014 Dodge Charger that the owners reported stolen slammed into a couple’s garage on Highway 22 in Darrow.

“I was sleeping,” homeowner David Landaiche said. “My wife came into the room and said the carport was destroyed.”

When Landaiche went outside, he saw what happened.

“The car’s in the carport room, the rear ends in the air,” Landaiche said. “And all I could do is laugh about it.”

He says he and the driver and did not talk, but when his wife told the driver she had called 911, he made a run for it.

It was caught on video, including a clear shot of the driver’s face.

In the surveillance video of the car crashing into the garage, you will notice it slammed in backward.
Donovan foster:

“The car has no power steering,” said Donovan Foster, who knows the car owner. “And so whoever took it, I’m guessing they didn’t know it didn’t have no powering steering in it, so when they, he took it — they–dude said he caught on camera. He went backwards and swerved all the way right here to the shed and he fled the scene.”

Foster and his girlfriend live down the street and the car belongs to his girlfriend’s mother.

“My girlfriend was just saying her mom woke us up this morning saying, ‘The car’s gone, the car is gone.'”

He says that car was their only mode of transportation, so a friend gave them a ride to the scene.

He says as soon as they turned on Highway 22 and saw the tracks and the bumper in the yard, they knew it was their car.

“We know everybody in there,” Donovan said. “It’s a nice place. Nobody–we always left the keys in there. It’s not like you know you had to bring your keys in. We all left the keys in there. It’s just the first time it happened–on Thanksgiving of all days.”

A tow truck did pull the car out of the garage. One of the deployed airbags had blood on it.  

Deputies took that as evidence and lifted fingerprints off the car.

Although it’s not how they planned to start their Thanksgiving, they’re just thankful no one was seriously hurt.



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