WASHINGTON, D.C. (KRON) – During Monday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the violent attacks on the Asian American community in Oakland’s Chinatown.

There has been a spike in violent assaults in the area recently leaving Oakland officials on high alert.

On Monday, the Oakland Police Department announced that a suspect had been arrested for a string of Chinatown assaults, including the assault of a 91-year-old man caught on camera.

In regards to the incidents, Psaki said she was not sure if President Biden had seen the videos, however, “he is concerned about the discrimination against, the actions against the Asian American community.”

President Biden signed an executive order on racial equity.

Below is Psaki’s full response from the press briefing:

Q — the attacks in the Asian American community continue to rise, and over the weekend, there some videos that went viral because elderly Asian Americans were really attacked and in a way that is difficult to watch.  And I wonder, other than the presidential memorandum, is President Biden going to take any further actions to address this problem or — and has he seen the videos?

MS. PSAKI:  I’m not aware that he’s seen the videos, but he is concerned about the discrimination against, the actions against the Asian American community, which is why he signed the executive order and why he has been outspoken and making clear that, you know, attacks — verbal attacks, any attacks of any form are unacceptable, and we need to work together to address them. 

But obviously, the executive order is something he did very early in his administration — it’s still early, but even earlier — because he felt it was so important to put a marker down.

Q — Is there anything more that can be done, like offer DOJ or FBI assistance to local law enforcement authorities?  I mean, what —

MS. PSAKI:  I’d certainly defer to — you know, we would support, of course, additional action on a local level or a federal level, but I would send you to DOJ or FBI for any further specifics on that.

In addition to the arrest made on Monday in Oakland, a new police chief was sworn in.

LeRonne Armstrong is an Oakland native and is a 22-year-veteran who has risen through the ranks at OPD.