Why some fast food workers are getting same-day, next-day paychecks


Cash to go? 

In an effort to attract cashiers and cooks amid persistently low unemployment, some restaurant chains are offering perks like same-day and next-day paychecks, Bloomberg reports.

One such restaurant for example, Church’s Chicken, will offer their employees half of their earned pay the day after their shifts stating in June.

This test will gauge whether the 50% is enough for workers; there are no fees involved. 

Other participating chains include Pizza Hut and Checkers.

Restaurants are suffering due to an accelerating economy and the U.S. jobless rate at a 49-year low, according to Bloomberg. 

A recent survey conducted by research organization NORC at the University of Chicago found that the majority of working adults live paycheck to paycheck, with 51% of American not being able to cover necessities without going into savings if more than one paycheck was missed. 

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