LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) – “I heard the last 3 minutes and 35 seconds of his life.”

Earlier this month, Kristi Sanders was on the phone with her husband the moment he was hit by a truck and killed on Interstate 430 near the southbound entrance from Stagecoach Rd. 

“He was here, right here from the report,” Kristi says pointing at a grassy area on the side of the highway. 

She was searching for evidence or just piece of her husband Tuesday after… maybe even the phone he was on when he took his last breath. 

“The call was 3 minutes and 35 seconds,” Kristi said about the last phone call her husband Robert Sanders made. Kristi was on the other end. 

“He was panicked. He said the trailer is off the truck,” Kristi said. 

Kristi says her husband was returning home to Hot Springs from a job site. 

His trailer disconnected from his truck. 

On the phone he told Kristi he’d pulled over along with some other drivers who had flat tires who he was going to help. 

“You hear him say, ‘what is that truck doing?’ ” Kristi said. 

A few seconds later, the phone goes silent. 

“I called him 66 more times. I never talked to him again.” 

Now she feels corners may have been cut in her husband’s investigation. 

“Things just aren’t adding up. And I would love for somebody to sit down with me and show me why I’m wrong. To give me closure,” Kristi said. 

She says some evidence like a urine sample by the driver who hit her husband and items left at the scene weren’t handled properly or investigated thoroughly by Arkansas State Police. 

It’s left Kristi and her friends and family to look for their own answers. 

“Oh my God I found it,” Kristi said dropping to her knees after finding her husbands cell phone on the side of Interstate 430. 

It’s a small symbol of hope found on a highway full of heartbreak.