Woman accused of attacking food cart owner, telling her to ‘go back to Mexico’


PORTLAND (CNN) — An Oregon woman is accused of attacking a food cart owner — telling the person to “go back to Mexico.”

“And she pointed at her and threatened her and then she came and started attacking my stepmom,” said the victim’s stepdaughter Yanira Flores. 

Speaking through a translator and not wanting to be identified, the victim said 30-year-old Sierra McDonald, who also uses the last name Ameon,  was angry that she wasn’t getting her food fast enough.

According to a probable cause affidavit, McDonald told the owner ‘go back to Mexico ‘then grabbed a wooden flagging stake’ off the food cart and ‘made a stabbing motion towards the victim.’

“She was chasing her and attacking her and yelling at her. She was trying to run away and not get hit or get hurt,” Flores said.

McDonald just finished post-prison supervision in July after pleading guilty in a 2014 attack on a nurse.

McDonald violated her release conditions in that case so many times, the judge ordered her to serve 19 months in prison.

McDonald’s mother told the judge during a Monday hearing that her daughter is mentally ill.

The victim’s stepdaughter says her stepmother has run this food cart for the past nine years at the same location without anything like this ever happening.

Yanira Flores just wants justice and protection for her stepmom and for the suspect’s family to get her help.

“You shouldn’t be treating people like that,” she said. “You shouldn’t walk around, you know, attacking people. Chasing them around – a sixty year old woman – with a stick. You know, and spitting on her and telling her to go back to Mexico. It’s like – that’s just so unfair.”

The woman is also accused of pouring a can of soda on the food truck owner and spitting on food as it was cooking.

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