COMMERCE CITY, CO (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A Colorado woman heard something unusual while shopping at a Home Depot.

A little girl yelled “Black Lives Matter.”

The moment has sparked a new friendship.

“Going into Home Depot, it was like fresh in her mind,” Cassi Radcliff, Camryn’s mom, said. 

Camryn Radcliff already knows at the age of 4 why Black lives matter.

“Because some people be mean to Black people,” Camryn said. 

She says not everyone is nice to Black people and that it’s important to say this phrase in a way everyone can hear it.

“And I say Black Lives Matter, so loud, Black Lives Matter!” Camryn said. 

A couple weeks ago she was with her mom heading into Home Depot.

“We had just gotten a cart to start shopping and right as we started to enter, Sherri entered at the same time,” Cassi said.

Sherri Gonzales was also visiting the store.

“Then I heard ‘Black Lives Matter.’ And it wasn’t like she said it like ‘Black Lives Matter.’ She said it with strength, like she was making a point,” Sherri said. 

Camryn’s mom Cassi wasn’t sure how someone might react.

“Thank you so much for saying that and for recognizing that my life matters,” Sherri said. 

They took photos together and decided to see each other again.

“She said ‘would you like to come over for a sleepover?’ And that just broke my heart and I said would love to,” Sherri said. 

The families even partnered together for another good cause raising money for Sherri’s charity helping girls go to school in Kenya.

“Anything to help these girls get an education and get a fair chance at life,” Cassi said.

A moment capturing the power of a movement. Two neighbors getting together and making a change around the world.

“The youth is going to change the world, in ten years we’re going to see something different,” Sherri said. 

The new friends are still planning that sleepover.

They’ve already bonded over a shared love of the Denver Broncos.

Sherri’s son is former Bronco DJ Williams.

Camryn says she wants to be a cheerleader for the team when she grows up.

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