MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) – In a Facebook post shared more than 2,000 times, a Mobile woman claims she was kicked out of The Shoppes at Bel Air because of her shorts.

In the post, Gabrielle Gibson writes:

I was literally harassed and kicked out of the Bellair mall in Mobile, AL today because of what I’m wearing. Apparently grown men couldnt contain themselves so I get kicked out. Security officer J. Mathis initiated that he was looking at my ass cheeks and it was a problem. Dont look at my ass then theres a thought? As well security officer Davis and head of security Jim chavis were extremely rude and completely unprofessional about the situation. I told them i have bigger thighs and its just to hot for jeans that I cant help they ride up a bit. It doesnt bother me then it shouldnt bother you. They went as far as to threaten to call a police officer. From what i seen today everyone had short shorties on. I mean come on its August and 100° outside. I dont know why i was pinpointed. Im just disgusted with the behavior of all these people. I was just having a good time trying to look around. Everyone can share this. This whole incident has made me embarrassed.

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She also shared a link to a Facebook event called “Bel Air Mall “Daisy Duke” SlutWalk” where women are being asked to come to the mall in their “Daisy Dukes” on August 4th

Ok ladies – it’s time to bring out the booty shorts and crop tops (if you’re feeling it.) One gorgeous young woman was SHAMED and ASKED TO LEAVE because her shorts were “too short.” I have personally worn shorts shorter than what she wore and walked past security and police and no one said one word. It’s summertime. In South Alabama. It’s hot. WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for what you choose to wear. We’re banding together to support our sister in solidarity – women’s bodies are not shameful. We shouldn’t be forced to cover up because men can’t control themselves. Bring your ass (literally) and descend on Bel Air with us. Share with your friends! #SistersInSolidarity #StopShaming#WhatIWearDoesntEqualConsent

The Shoppes at Bel Air released the following statement to WKRG: 

“Given the high degree of importance we place on maintaining a family-friendly shopping environment, our policy requires all of our customers to dress in a manner that reflects our code of conduct. Anyone who violates this policy will be asked to change or to leave the premises.” – The Shoppes at Bel Air