Woman clones dog after SUV accidentally kills it


A Kentucky woman says she could not imagine life without her beloved dog after her pet died.

So, she decided to clone the dog.

Katie Ryser says Hazel was so much more than a dog and helped her through sobriety.

But when Hazel was 7, an SUV accidentally ran over the miniature Cockapoo in the driveway.

That’s when Katie remembered a story she saw about a company called Viagen.

The company told her she did not have much time, so a local vet collected skin cells from Hazel.

The cells were shipped to Texas where Hazel’s cells were cloned.

Katie met the clone named Azalea at 11 weeks old.

And Katie says what is strange is Azalea acted as if she already knew who Katie was.

She even exhibited similar behaviors as Hazel, such as sitting in the same position in the car, looking at herself in the mirror, and sitting in the same spot on the couch.

Katie says Azalea is just like the original.



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