Woman describes graphic texts from Doordash delivery driver



WEST MONROE, LA – In today’s time, everything is at our fingertips. Including services that bring meals directly to your front door. However, for one lady this luxury turned bad as her DoorDash driver delivered more than just a meal.

“Ugh. Nasty, nasty. I can’t believe he did this. What am I a piece of meat,” said Angella Leger.

That’s the reaction, West Monroe visitor, Angella Leger had when a DoorDash driver sent her unwanted sexual text messages. Leger says she was scared because a man she didn’t know had her number, knew where she was staying, and that she was alone.

“What if he comes back. What is he going to do to me? Then I started thinking about how many other women he might have done this to,” said Leger.

Leger was careful to not open the door all the way when the driver dropped off the food. She says she was being cautious. After the dropoff, the driver sent a text saying he was sorry if he scared her. That’s when the messages escalated to something more. The driver texted, “I’m into older white women like yourself, I want the experience.”

“All the text he was sending me. The inappropriate text of what he wanted to do to me,” said Leger.

Leger tried to brush it off by jokingly saying she would put a “cap in his a**” if he called her that again. However, the driver sent another text explaining in detail the sexual acts he wanted to do her. One of the text saying, “You don’t have to do anything I understand you’re tired I just want to come lick your p***y n that’s all. Don’t mean to offend you just look great to me.” Following that text, he says, “No one will know a thing.”

“I didn’t provoke him. I don’t know where in God’s name he thinks he has the power to do this to women,” said Leger.

Police say they can’t charge the DoorDash driver because what he did was not a criminal act. In addition, officers say he apologized to Leger and didn’t message her again. However, Leger says it wasn’t a real apology as it reads “Sorry for speaking my wants n desires, I apologize again”

“We need to stop this. This is inappropriate. People can not keep getting away with this,” said Leger.

Leger says she hopes DoorDash will be more cautious when hiring.

We have reached out to DoorDash, their spokesperson said, “We take the safety of our community extremely seriously and do not tolerate any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior. Since learning of this incident, we have taken action, including deactivating the Dasher from our platform for failing to follow our code of conduct.


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