Woman fights off black bear who gets too close for comfort


Would you pick up this furry hitchhiker if it begged you for a ride this close? 

This is what a woman from Rhode Island literally came face-to-face with near Camp Varnum, which is a Rhode Island Army National Guard training facility in Narragansett, according to the local animal control unit. 

In the photos, you can see the large black bear standing up with its face pressed on the window’s glass. 

“Thankfully she was able to secure herself in her vehicle after the bear opened the car door and she fought to shut it from inside,” the Narragansett Animal Control said on Facebook. 

Other photos show the bear strolling around other cars in the area. 

Animal control warned that while these black bears might seem “cool,” they are fast runners, capable of gaining speeds of up to 30 mph. 

“If sighted, please secure yourself as quickly as possible!” the animal control unit added. 

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