Woman fights off coyote with baseball bat


MAHWAH, NJ (CNN Newsource) – A New Jersey mother is on the road to recovery, but she has a serious warning, beware of coyotes.

She was viciously attacked while walking past a neighbor’s house Friday.

Multiple bite marks all over her body and 14 puncture wounds in total, all from one vicious coyote.

“It was biting me on the back of my thigh and biting me. It wouldn’t leave me alone, it just kept biting. It was on its hind legs up to my shoulder,” Doreen Latargia Entrup said. 

Doreen Latargia Entrup was on a peaceful stroll down Grenadier Drive in her neighborhood Friday evening when the animal suddenly charged right at her. 

“When I turned around to reassess the situation I thought the coyote would be gone and to my shock, it was like on my bottom,” Entrup said. 

She says it got onto its hind legs almost as tall as her and began ravaging her body.

“I was scared because I didn’t know what else could happen other than puncture wounds. I didn’t know if it would just latch on and not let go,” Entrup said.

But the 53-year-old mother of three put up a good fight. As it was biting and following her down her neighbors’ driveway, she was luckily able to find a baseball bat inside the garage in the nick of time.

“She has a bucket of sticks and bats and sports items so I grabbed a bat and hit it. I hit at it with a bat and it moved away,” Entrup said.

There have been a number of coyote sightings in Bergen County in recent years, like a pack spotted in a Saddle River backyard in 2017.

As Doreen got rabies shots and blood tests at the hospital, the animal went on its way. 

It was last spotted nearby Saturday afternoon. Mahwah police are setting traps in hopes of catching it.

“I’m hoping community keeps kids safe and inside until they catch the coyote,” Entrup said.

Experts say if you see one it’s best not to run, instead make yourself look as big as possible and loud to scare it off.


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