A Kansas woman made a horrific discovery on her way home from work on Thursday: a dog food bag with two dead puppies inside.

“I’ve never witnessed something like this,” Sarah Harrison told KAKE. “I’ve heard stories, but I can’t get the smell out of my head or out of my, my nose. I can smell it almost all the time.”

She found the bag in an open area on a busy street in Wichita, and the discovery has left her shaken.

“There’s absolutely no way I can get those images out of my head,” Harrison said. “I was just shocked that there was two puppies in there.”

Harrison called police to report what she’s found. Officers say she is the only witness to come forward so far, leaving investigators with few leads.

“We don’t have anything to go off of right now,” Lt. Brian Sigman, Commander of Animal Services with Witchita Police, told KAKE. “And the only way we’re going to find out who is responsible is by somebody coming forward.”

Harrison’s discovery is the latest in a string on animal cruelty cases in the city of Wichita. Just last week, a man came home to find his home had been broken into and his dog beaten to death. Police say they’ve received more than 860 animal cruelty complaints so far this year.