A 93-year-old surgeon in Kyrgyzstan who was listed by the Guinness World Records on February 29 as having the longest career as a surgeon says he has no plans to retire and continues to operate on patients in Bishkek, Current Time reports.

Dr Mambet Mamakeev, who began his career in 1953, is believed to have carried out over 30,000 surgical interventions and consulted or treated at least 100,000 patients, Guinness World Records said. He was entered into the book after working for 67 years and 181 days, Guinness said.

“My hands don’t shake, my memory is okay, my eyes are fine. But age is taking its toll. My knees, my back — they’re starting to trouble me,” Mamakeev says in this Current Time report from December 7, according to a translation provided by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

“I’ve never taken any medication. I have no special diet. I don’t choose anything in particular, I just eat whatever lands on my plate,” he added.

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