(KRON) — Around the Bay Area, PG&E says thousands of customers remain without power following Tuesday’s atmospheric river storm. Many of the outages are in the South Bay and along the Peninsula.

PG&E reduced further the number of Bay Area customers without power to 43,794 as of Thursday morning, according to a company announcement. More than half of the total are still in the South Bay, where 22,415 are without power.

Elsewhere those without power include 14,006 customers on the Peninsula, 7,249 in the East Bay, 41 in the North Bay and 83 in San Francisco. The total is down from nearly 160,000 as of 8 a.m. Wednesday.

On Peach Hill Road in Saratoga, PG&E crews were replacing a high voltage power pole that was damaged during Wednesday’s storm.

“We’re on day three of restoration efforts here in Santa Clara,” said PG&E spokesperson Myra Tostado, who said installing a power pole in soil saturated by several days of rain was challenging.

“Because of that soil saturation in some cases if it’s flooded, we can’t go in there right away to set a new pole. We have to wait for conditions to improve. If there is vegetation we have to go out there as well. Which is exactly what we did at this location,” Tosatado said.

At the PG&E facility in Cupertino, an incident management team has been assembled to get the power back on for those without it in Santa Clara County.

“They’re working to help us restore power quickly to our customers in areas that saw servere damage. By tonight we expected to have 90% of customers still without power restored. In some cases, where we are seeing more extensive and widespread damage, some customers, that 10% may be out a little longer. That’s why we brought in this incident management team to help us speed up those restoration efforts,” said Tostado.

On Tuesday afternoon, after high winds and rain knocked down trees and wires around the region, about 300,000 were without power.

Bay City News contributed to this report.