The San Francisco Board of Education has made changes to the admissions policy at Lowell High School.

That’s because they’re hoping to attract students from a wider ethnic background.

The school has a rigorous admission standard and the district hopes the changes will attract more black, Latino, and Pacific Islander students.

Lowell High has very high academic standards. But the school has also been criticized for having few black and Latino students.

On Tuesday night, the school board made changes to the admission policy to try to fix the problem but the plan has received some criticism.

It’s not easy to get into Lowell High School. In order to be admitted, all students must meet rigorous academic standards in middle school.

In order to encourage more African-American students to apply to Lowell, the San Francisco Board of Education voted to allow every student at Willie Brown Middle School Admission to Lowell High if they meet the minimum academic standards.

The school district said in a statement Wednesday that, “this change is intended to promote WBMS and create more robust enrollment by ensuring there will be enough space for all WBMS graduates who meet the academic criteria required for admission to Lowell.”

Critics say the admissions changes need further review and that by giving an advantage to Willie Brown Middle School students, it could hurt the chances of students at other schools.

Supporters say the changes will give hope to kids who might not get into Lowell otherwise.

The school district is also launching an outreach campaign to remind all middle school students in San Francisco that if they have good grades, they might be able to get into Lowell.

All students at Lowell must reside in San Francisco.