New charges have been filed against a former Bay Area high school teacher accused of molesting children.

28-year-old Brandon Genest has now been charged with two new felonies — now making a total of seven — involving four alleged victims all under the age of 14. 

Genest’s bail has increased to $2 million now that two more victims have been identified. 

Genest was a chemistry teacher by day, babysitter by night. 

And now he’s behind bars, accused of molesting four victims — three boys and one girl — all under the age of 14. 

Authorities say the incidents happened while he was babysitting, not teaching. 

He was previously employed at Bentley High School in Lafayette before his arrest. 

“You can never be sure. Parents really have to trust their gut but at the end of the day you can never be sure. People who molest and take advantage of children can be anyone in the community and they are difficult to spot,” said Deputy District Attorney Devon Bell. 

KRON4 News told you earlier this month about two of Genest’s victims — a 6 and 7-year-old boy and girl in Walnut Creek. 

Two new victims have now been identified as two boys — one in San Francisco and the other also in Walnut Creek. 

The alleged offense dates go back as far as last October. 

Police say their investigation is only beginning. 

“We are searching Mr. Genest’s social media accounts, his computer, his phone, attempting to contact as many victims as we possibly can,” said Bell. 

Police say Genest was advertising his babysitting services on a number of websites including Sittercity, Urban Sitter, Care, and Facebook.

They’re also working law enforcement officers in both Rhode Island and Virginia — where Genest lived prior to the Bay Area. 

“He does have ties to other states so we’re trying to get the word out and trying to spread as much information as we can to contact as many potential victims as we can in other states,” said Bell. 

Police do anticipate additional charges as they continue to investigate.