(KRON) — Though they are likely underreported, cases of COVID-19 throughout the State of California continue to drop. The BA.5 continues to be the dominant variant, but medical experts said it may not be come the fall.

“It keeps finding ways to evade our immunity and infect us, so I think we have to be prepared for something that is next,” said Dr. John Swartzberg, UC Berkeley Infectious Disease Specialist.

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One of the top candidates is BA.2.75, which is dominating India.

“It’s found in other countries including the United States, but it hasn’t taken off anywhere else appreciably other than India. It doesn’t seem be causing more severe disease but there’s just not enough data on that as of yet,” said Dr. Swartzberg.

The other candidate is BA.4.6. Experts said it’s increasing in the U.S., but still only accounts for about 5% of cases. Although there’s not enough data to know it’s full potential, experts said one thing remains clear.

“We have this background immunity if we are up to date with our vaccines. It still is giving us vert good protection against hospitalization and death. So, that’s the key thing to make sure you’re up to date,” said Dr. Swartzberg.

A more Omicron-specific booster is due in late September or October.