A new development tonight in a theft at an Apple store in the East Bay. 

The crime happened this past weekend. 

At least four suspects rushed a store in Walnut Creek, making out with thousands of dollars in merchandise. 

But thanks to video of the getaway car, police say they’re closing in on some suspects. 

Walnut Creek police say they are working on a substantial lead, thanks to the video showing a black SUV leaving the scene of the crime. 

It was Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m.

Police say at least four suspects blasted into the Apple store oon Broadway and swiped iPhones and Mac computers. 

Authorities say the store is still tallying up the total, but add the thieves took off with thousands of dollars in stolen goods. 

The black SUV has a license plate. 

A lieutenant told KRON4 News they are working with Oakland police on this case. 

This crime comes on the heels of several other recent thefts at Apple stores. 

At the Corte Madera Apple store, police say 5 men rushed into it and within one minute, took $19,000 worth of items. 

The store has two security guards, but Central Marin police are now stepping up patrols at the store. 

At the Walnut Creek store, two private security guards kept watch over those coming and going. 

Apple employees are not allowed to talk on record, but several off camera told KRON4 they feel frustrated that apple is not doing more to stop these thefts. 

In Southern California, customers tackled several thieves trying to rip off the store. 

KRON4 reached out to Apple, but a spokesperson says they do not talk about the recent rash of crimes, referring KRON4 to local police. 

As Walnut Creek detectives work on their crime, residents say it’s far time for Apple to do more to protect everyone. 

“I definitely feel they should do more to take care of the product and the customers, it is dangerous for people to be in there,” said East Bay resident Michelle Chambers. 

“Their products are just out in the open, they need to beef up security,” said East Bay resident Dwayne Lem.