OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The hotly contested issue of extending license plate readers on Oakland police patrol cars is over.

A compromise was reached that will decrease the amount of time Oakland police can retain information recorded on those cameras. Automated license plate reader cameras will continue to roll in Oakland.

Brian Hofer is the chair of the Oakland Privacy Commission which recently reached a compromise with the city council for amending an ordinance aimed at regulating Oakland Police Department’s continued use of license plate readers. “We did increase the retention limit. the privacy commission recommended 30 days. It’s now at six months,” said Hofer.

“As recent as June and July of this year we were able to solve two separate homicides using this technology,” said officer Kim Armstead, OPD spokesperson.

According to Armstead, automated license plate reader cameras were used to solve an incident that occurred back on June 9 involving the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy. In another case, she said, automated license plate readers were used to locate and arrest a suspect in the July 17 deadly shooting of an Uber driver in Little Saigon.

“I want to be clear that we by no means are intending to be invasive in any way with the privacy of our community. This retention period simply allows us more time to effectively investigate these cases,” added Armstead.

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However, the new license plate reader ordinance has an additional incentive from civilian oversight of OPD in the form of the quarterly reporting to deter any invasive privacy use.

“I feel more comfortable that the police, that the light bulb finally went on, they understand how closely people are watching this issue. I would expect that would create an incentive for better behavior,” said Hofer.

OPD officials said there is currently about two dozen police vehicles equipped with fully functioning license plate readers.