SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A new social club is coming to San Francisco and — call it a sign of the times — membership to this exclusive spot is NFT-based and doesn’t come cheap.  

The ground breaking for the new SHO Club in Salesforce Park happened earlier this month. Instead of a traditional membership card to get in, members instead got a non-fungible token secured by blockchain technology, which means it can’t be forged of manipulated.

An NFT membership to SHO Club can cost you a one-time fee of anywhere between $7,500 to $300,000.

Sho Group CEO Josh Sigel says that anyone can enjoy the club’s restaurant and rooftop lounge and shop at a market on the ground floor that sells grab-and-go food items like bento boxes and sake’.

“The key is…the same level of quality you can expect from SHO from a fine dining standpoint available to the public at a lower price point. We’re really thinking of how to have something for everybody,” said Sigel. “Here in the Bay Area, especially in this area, it always feels limited. We really wanted to bring an exceptional experience that we think is on par if not greater than all those other major cities to the city of san Francisco.”

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SHO Club members get access to special private events, priority reservations and exclusive dinners. The CEO says he expects the facility to open around this time next year. Membership is limited to just over 3,200 spots.

If you’re interested, they are taking reservations now. SHO Club is not the first NFT private club in the United States. Membership to Flyfish Club in New York reportedly costs upwards of $13,000.