New technology could silence noise near SFO


The loud sound of airplanes may soon be a thing of the past for people living near San Francisco International Airport. 

A groud based augmentation system is being tested at SFO and may provide some relief to nearby Foster City residents. 

Airports spokesman Doug Yakel said, ” We are investing in a new type of landing technology that really uses GPS to produce new types of landings at SFO that don’t exist today.” 

He says there are a couple of real benefits for the airport and those who live along the arrive flight path.

“It could make the airport more efficient in bad weather but when it comes to local communities there is also a noise benefit because this new system could allow us to fly higher over communities before coming in to land and it could also allow our aircrafts to fly over San Francisco Bay, keeping them further away from communities,” Yakel said. 

Residents were happy to learn about the news. 

Paige MacDonald said, “We literally lay in bed at midnight and say wow, I really can’t believe these planes are still allowed to fly this late at night.” 

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