LONG ISLAND, NY (CNN) — A newborn girl decided to come just a little too early while her mom was still on her way to the hospital.

The woman gave birth in the parking lot of Costco store in Long Island on Monday, and thankfully, the mom and daughter are doing just fine. 

It was a miracle in Nassau County.

“It just happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to process it. I’m still in shock,” new mother, Shantie Krissoondatt said. 

A mom and dad, proud parents of a beautiful baby girl eager to get into this world a little bit early.

She came about two weeks before her due date.

“We were on the way to the hospital and she said she thinks the baby is coming, so we pulled over in the parking lot at Costco and she pretty much said ‘the baby is coming,’ so I called 911,” new dad Christopher Lakharam said. 

Several officers with the Nassau County Police Department rushed to help the husband and wife.

Responding officers described the call for help as an honor.

“You first get the call, you spin it a little bit, but then you slow everything down and you figure it out and you get something great, a child born, that’s a great feeling for all of us here.” said Officer Nicolas Ryan.

The baby girl is healthy, but since she was a couple of weeks early, her parents haven’t decided on a name yet.