KRON4’S Ashley Zavala sat down with Gov. Gavin Newsom to talk about the freshly signed state budget, which he says this is yet another way California is differentiating itself from Washington, D.C.

“They’re running massive deficits, we’re running huge surplus. We’re putting aside a historic amount in rainy day reserves, paying off debt and we have stronger growth,” Newsom said. 

The governor says he’s proud of the budget that requires Californians to have health insurance and boosts funding for reproductive health service providers like planned parenthood, which he has said has been under attack by the Trump administration.

The budget also extends health care to undocumented immigrant children and young adults — something all democratic presidential candidates said they would do in Thursday night’s debate.

“Those last two nights of debates, 90 percent of what they’re promoting California is already doing,” Newsom said. “People talk about the Green New Deal, give me a state that’s doing more than California on advancing the principles of the Green New Deal.”

On homelessness and housing, the governor says he can’t make promises on whether the state’s $1.75 billion investment would make a dent in one of the state’s biggest problems. 

He says cities and counties will start to see bonuses and penalties to keep up with housing production goals.

“What is going to be significantly better in two to three years is we’re going to start putting in regional plans. The state is now intervening, starting to hold communities accountable, we want to see demonstrable results and if we don’t we’re going to call that out,” Newsom said. 

THe governor says what he’s most proud of in this year’s budget is the clean drinking water fund for Californians who don’t have it.

He says in the next budget there will be deeper efforts on healthcare, childcare and pre-school.

“Our kids enter into kindergarten behind their national peers, because this state doesn’t do enough,” the governor said. 

The governor says he’s already getting to work on the next budget he says that draft will be out in December.