PITTSBURG, Calif. (KRON) — A nonprofit boxing gym in Pittsburg was burglarized this week. The thieves got away with rent money and cash the gym planned to use for its toy drive.

The gym’s owners say the theft is a gut punch, but they say it’s not enough to knock them down. The community has stepped up to help replace and harden the front door window of the Lion’s Den Boxing Gym after a thief broke through it at around 4 a.m. Monday morning.

Pictures of the aftermath show the gym in Pittsburg was ransacked.

“Definitely feel violated,” said gym manager, Wali Herawi.

Surveillance video from across the way on Cumberland Street shows a thief breaking in. Moments later, the suspect is seen pulling out the gym’s safe.

It was placed into a garbage bin and dragged away by the suspect and an accomplice.

“Everything thing that they took, it wasn’t even for us, to be honest with you. It was just to try to do a toy drive. This was going to be our first year doing a really big toy drive and giving back to our community,” said Herawi.

The contents of the safe included $4,500 for rent and toys that were going to be purchased for the drive. Twenty $25 gift certificates were also taken, which were going to be handed out to the gym’s youth for the holidays.

Herawi manages the nonprofit and is also a volunteer boxing coach, often training his 10-year-old son.

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“The outpouring of love and support we got is definitely going to help us a lot,” said Herawi. “But it could have really hindered what we had going on and the direction we’re trying to move.”

Herawi says a report has been filed with police. Meanwhile, he says the toy drive will still go on.

“I mean, we have no choice. If you’re gonna really want to serve the community, you’ve got to fight through every and anything to make sure that you achieve the goals that you set,” said Herawi.

He says the gym’s mission is to guide and mentor youth and young adults, keep them productive and off the streets, particularly those in underserved communities.