SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The North Bay firestorm has forced thousands of people from their homes and many of those people have lost everything.

The fire has torched more than 170,000 acres across Northern California and destroyed 3,500 buildings across multiple counties.

In the midst of such devastation, those more fortunate may be wondering how they can help.

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and are at shelters.

Volunteers at the shelters say they are in need of supplies.

Volunteers wanting to help at shelters should come to Napa Valley College shelter and register w/ Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC)ITEMS NEEDED: 

  • Non-Perishable Food, Water, Drinks, Baby Food, Pet Food
  • Sleeping supplies: Cots, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, easily inflatable mattresses, pillow, and blankets
  • Supplies: Air fans, chairs, water, toiletries, towels, pet food, and face masks
  • Plastic Ware, Napkins, Can Openers, Cleaning Supplies
  • Masks, Gloves, Phone Chargers, Batteries
  • Adult Diapers: Adult diapers in size Large and some size Small for Adele.
  • Toys and Games: Fun things for kids to play with are needed at all sites.
  • Pet Support: Pets Lifeline is evacuating the shelter to Marin Humane andneedhelp loading animals into transport vehicles and possibly transporting over to Marin. If you’re in our area out on 8th St. and can get to them, call (707) 996-457
  • Volunteering – help needed at the SR vets hall, contact Lee: 707-494-4493

Here’s how:

  • Donate resources to evacuation shelters – A list of these shelters can be found here
  • GoFundMe – Several accounts have already been created to help victims and community & county efforts here
  • American Red Cross, here
  • The Salvation Army, here
  • Redwood Credit Union established a North Bay Relief Fund – 100% of donations go to fire victims.
  • Donate here:


The Solano Napa Firefighters Foundation are also collecting donations for those who have been affected by the fire. Donate here 

South San Francisco Police are collecting donations for the fire evacuees: Drop off your donations at the South San Francisco Police Department at 33 Arroyo Drive by Friday, October 13th by 10:00 am.

Beauty Source – 1327 Washington Ave – San leandro CA 94577

At least 40 Bay Area firefighters have lost their homes in the Santa Rosa, Napa and Sonoma firestorm, according to Marin Professional Firefighters. The funds will be distributed equally to those firefighters who lost their homes while fighting to save the homes and lives of others. You can donate here.