GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A recent security breach at Noodles and Company has many customers concerned about the safety of their credit card information.

If you own a business and aren’t using a chip reader, you could be risking thousands of dollars.

WNCT’s Kelly Byrne has more on why businesses must act now so your information isn’t compromised.

We’ve all seen them and most of us have used them.

Chip cards are meant to cut down on fraud. Instead of swiping, you insert the card in a slot.

Last year, 9 On Your Side reported that companies which don’t use the chip reader are now responsible for re-paying any money stolen from a customer’s card.

But nearly half of all retailers have opted out of getting a new chip reader.

“Why take the risk,” asked Bill Coffman, co-president of Coffman’s. “Because you’re gonna be liable for it.”

Some businesses in the east, like Coffman’s, have made the switch.

“There’s no reason to put yourself in a situation that you have to lose money if you can do it right the first time,” added Coffman.

Many local business owners are urging others to switch for the safety of their business.

“I definitely suggest it to most business owners,” said Danyel Bennett, Salon 300 West. “You don’t want to be kept liable for the fraud or that kind of thing. I definitely don’t want to have to pay if someone goes in and steals someone else’s information.”

Bennet recently switched to the chip reader, adding that it costs about $70. She says it’s worth the investment.

Coffman agreed, “It was something we felt like we needed to do because of the liability issue and we didn’t want to be liable for any charges that we might have been liable for.”