OAKLAND (KRON) — A collaborative space once full of bustling artists and new ideas is now a place of grief for artists like Magnus Schevene.

“It was a place I was growing my business and also a community of like minded entrepreneurs doing their work,” Schevene said. 

Last week, a massive fire destroyed an East Oakland warehouse known as Moxy.

“My loss is one thing but then I know all these people who have worked so hard on their business and I start to feel, really empathize with them, a great deal of grief I feel just knowing what people are going through,” he said. 

Moxy was home to more than 30 different artists and businesses. 

Now inside they lost thousands of dollars in tools, art work and most importantly, effort and time. 

Schevene used those tools to create luxury lighting pieces.

“[It’s a] set back in trying to find a new studio replacing some of my tools, I’ve lost probably 80 percent of my tools,” he said. 

>> Schevene has started a Go Fund Me to raise money to recover from the fire. To donate, click here.

While he and many others are left to find a new work space, Schevene says Moxy was irreplaceable.

“It’s a big deal to have a space like this where you are so community oriented who understand why you do what you do. you know we all do this because we’re passionate about this,” he said. “We do it with passion.”

To donate to other Oakland artists impacted by the fire, click here.