OAKLAND (KRON)—The Oakland City Council has approved an ordinance that would ban coal from being handled and stored by the city on Tuesday.

“This is a victory for the residents of West Oakland who have been overburdened with pollution for decades,” said Margaret Gordon, co-founder and co-director of West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. “Black and brown people, workers and all Oakland residents would continue to be impacted by the existing air pollution on top of new coal dust if not for the ban on coal.”

A part of the Oakland Army Base was being developed as a place for the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal to export goods. The developer promised not to have anything to do with handling coal, but a partnership with counties in Utah would have let the state export 10 million tons of coal every year.

An organization in Utah approved spending $53 million just to export coal in Oakland. The deal was not known by the city council or the port of Oakland. Both organizations opposed coal getting shipped from the facility.