A marijuana dispensary in Oakland has decided not to sell Treatwell Tinctures products after the CEO of the company was caught on camera allegedly calling police on an 8-year-old girl selling water in San Francisco. 

The video of a woman dubbed ‘Permit Patty’ went viral over the weekend. 

Magnolia Wellness issued a statement on Instagram announcing that they will no longer carry Treatwell Tinctures, cannabis products for pets. 

“Treatwell was one of our best-selling products but to us, integrity is always before profits,” the dispensary said. 

In a video posted to Instagram early Saturday, a mom claims the cops were called on her 8-year-old daughter.

“An 8-year-old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police,” the woman captioned the video. 

In the video, a family member of the girl is seen confronting the woman on the phone. 

“This woman don’t wanna let a little girl sell some water. She’s calling police on an 8-year-old little girl… you can hide all you want,” the girl’s mother says. 

The woman seen on the phone then ducks and tries to get out of sight after seeing she is being recorded. 

“And illegally selling water without a permit?” the woman on the phone responds. 

“On my property,” the girl’s mother says. 

“Its not your property,” she responds. 

According to Raj, a cousin of the little girl, she said on social media it all happened right by AT&T Park.