OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A herd of approximately 1,200 goats will be let loose to feast on the North Oakland Sports Field on Thursday morning, according to a tweet from Oakland Fire Department (OFD). Herds of goats are commonly used as a fire mitigation tactic.

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This field is located near the Caldecott Tunnel on Broadway, and is only the first stop on the journey for these goats. In about 10 days the herd will be moved to the Dunsmiur House and the Sheffield Village open space.

OFD aren’t the only ones using animals to keep fields trimmed in the Bay Area. In May KRON4 reported that the Sonoma Raceway uses a herd of sheep to keep their fields trimmed and ready for wildfire season. You can even Adopt-a-Sheep at Sonoma Raceway for charity if you’re so inclined.