KRON4 is your local election headquarters and as we approach next week’s midterm elections, we are shining a spotlight on candidates for Oakland mayor. We spoke individually with candidates and we are publishing interviews with those candidates who met our polling threshold of 10% according to a recent poll commissioned by the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

Gregory Hodge is a father of five who has lived in Oakland for 40 years. He was a minister for 25 years, and most recently a non-profit executive to groups like Brotherhood Elders’ Network, African American Response Circle, and Freedom Schools, which taught workforce skills to Oakland’s youth. Hodge says he has helped teens transition from jail back into society, acquired and distributed personal protective equipment during the pandemic, and made policies as both a school board member and advocate for the workforce investment board.

Watch the video to hear her conversation with KRON4’s Ella Sogomonian about how he would tackle the issues.