OAKLAND (KRON) — As the summer heats up, illegal sideshows in Oakland become more pervasive and increasingly more dangerous–and not just for drivers, according to Oakland police.

KRON 4 viewers sent us a video showing just how dangerous sideshows are for people standing in the crowd.

“We know it’s inherently dangerous,” Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson. “In the past, we have seen significant injuries if not fatalities associated. We have a lot of activity in the summer”

Officer Watson talks about the spontaneous nature of sideshows being a major factor in law enforcement trying to prevent scenes like these before they get started. She said the crowds disperse very quickly when officers arrive.

and the possibility of spectators being injured at a sideshow is something Oakland police wants the public to be aware of

“We want to bring awareness and education but also the enforcement piece,” Watson said. “You can receive citations in the range of several hundred dollars if not having your vehicle towed.”