OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Yet another small business fell victim to a burglary last weekend — this time it was a skate shop. The suspect used a torch to heat the glass as, we’ve seen before.

Now the owners of the skate shop say the community has stepped in to help them out, but the thief is still roaming the streets.

Four friends opened Eight Ball skate-shop in Oakland last spring and it’s been a pretty smooth ride going into business together up until this Sunday.

At around 4:20 a.m. a man broke into their store near Lake Merritt on 15th Street between Webster and Harrison Streets. The thief heated up the front door with a torch, then threw something at it to shatter the glass that set off an alarm so he backed off, only to come back about 40 minutes later to finish what he started.

When the thief got in he managed to swipe an iPad, some skateboards, and clothing in about three trips to and from his truck. He was wearing red shoes, black pants, a light gray sweater and gray baseball cap with a black, cross-body bag.

The owners don’t recognize him, but they do want to recognize the generous community who stepped in to help them out by donating funds and sending them merchandise.

“Financially and morally a little hurting but we’re getting through it right now with community. We actually set up a GoFundMe and we’re getting a lot of people who are actually helping us out which is amazing,” said Terrence Bradley, co-owner of the Eight Ball skate shop.

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Someone walking by called police to report the burglary. Apparently, the thief tried to hit another business across the street before targeting Eight Ball.